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Jennifer Oquendo, PhD

Education: Brown University, Sc.B. Aquatic Biology 1995; UC Davis, Ph.D. Ecology 2001.
Current Research: The distribution and effects of 4-nonylphenol on estuarine organisms.
We have found that the endocrine dispruptor 4-nonylphenol is widespread in estuaries along the west coast of North America.   Due to its hydrophobic tendencies, even small levels of nonylphenol entering the estuary can accumulate to high concentrations in the anaerobic sediment and livers of organisms.   Arrow gobies in Morro Bay have high levels of nonylphenol as well as gonadal tumors.   One of our aims is to influence regulation of inputs to estuaries that contain nonylphenol, such as wastewater and agricultural runoff.