Water Quality

While Morro Bay is considered to be a relatively healthy ecosystem, it is increasingly threatened by pollution that is affecting water quality. Excessive man-made nutrients and other contaminants of emergent concern find their way to the bay from farm and urban runoff as well as wastewater seepage and spills.

SLOSEA's Approach:

The San Luis Obispo Science and Ecosystem Alliance (SLOSEA) is working with local water quality regulators and resource managers to understand the pollutants in Morro Bay and surrounding areas to help ensure clean water for our coastal ecosystems. SLOSEA is leading this effort by:

  • Establishing a water quality observatory in Morro Bay that enables modeling and predictions about the movement of pollutants within the ecosystem.
  • Researching the impacts of specific pollutants such as nonylphenol on marine organisms.
  • Contributing to state-wide monitoring programs to track pollutants in coastal ecosystems.
  • Providing data and recommendations to local municipalities and water boards to address the causes of pollution and implement effective new sewage treatment technologies.