Tagged Fish and Invertebrates



Species identifications include "Common Name" and Latin "Genus species."  "RF" is an abbreviation for Rockfish.  Click on any image to view a full-size version or right-click to download:

Photos by Noëlle Yochum
Unless otherwise noted
Genus Sebastes
Other Fish
Genus Anarrichthys, Atherinopsis, Caulolatilus,
Citharichthys, Embiotoca, Hexagrammos, Hypsurus, Lepidopsetta,
Oncorhynchus, Ophiodon, Oxylebius, Sarda, Scomber, Scorpaenichthys
Sea Stars
Genus Asterina, Dermasterias, Orthasterias, Pisaster, Pycnopodia
Genus Cryptochiton
Genus Cancer, Pugettia, Scyra

The colored portion of the tag
used by CCFRP is approximately
30 mm (1.2 inches) long.