Morro Bay Observatory

Water Quality — Live Data
Parameter BM1
Date & Time
Date & Time
Temperature 12.9074 °C
55.23 °F
Salinity 19.8918
Conductivity 2.45185 S/m
Depth 1.91577 db
Tide 1.07188 m
3.52 ft
Oxygen 296.795 µMol/l
Oxygen Saturation 89.8371 %
Chlorophyll 0.729023 µg/l
Turbidity 2.38588 NTU
Nitrate - - - µMol/l
- - - mg/l
BS1 Live Meteorological Data
Parameter SI Units Imperial Units
Date 24-Mar-2018
Time 06:27:32 UTC
Air Temperature 8.81 ºC 47.85 ºF
Relative Humidity 86.92 %
Dew Point 6.75 ºC 44.15 ºF
Wind Speed 6.49 km/h 4.03 mph
1.8 m/s 3.5 knots
Wind Direction 349.54 º True
Wind Chill 8.81 ºC 47.85 ºF
Rainfall 0 mm/min 0 in/hr
Barometer 1020.81 mbars 30.14 inches Hg
Sunlight 0 W/m² (400-1100nm)
Battery Voltage 19.94 V

These data are preliminary. Values displayed in green have been characterized as "good data." Values displayed in red are not within a reasonable range for the parameter. This may mean that the instrument is malfunctioning or fouling has distorted the measurement.

* — Tide values are not characterized relative to pressure at CM1, as this station is now mounted in a floating configuration and thus rises and falls with the tides.

- - - — No data are available.

°C — degrees Celsius;  ‰ — parts-per-thousand;  db —decibars, approximately relative meters;  µMol/l — micromoles per liter;  µg/l — micrograms per liter via fluorescence at 470 nm;
S/m — Siemens per meter;  NTU — Nephelometric Turbidity Unit, not affected by Colored (Chromophoric) Dissolved Organic Matter; mg/l — milligrams per liter.

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time.  It is seven hours ahead of Pacific Daylight Time (PDT, mid-March through early November) and eight hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time (PST, early November through mid-March).