Monthly Archive Data

Download CSV1-format archived data files here.   Monthly compilations are available for each of the four stations for the time periods listed next to each station name.   Use the data selection box at right to narrow your selection of files.

Once you have narrowed your selection, download a file by clicking on the filename.   Please refer to the notes below for additional information.

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  1. The comma-separated value (CSV) files can be opened with Microsoft Excel and other common spreadsheet programs.
  2. All measurements and their units are described by a header in the first row of each column.   Resize the width of each column to see the full text of each column header.
  3. As of 2012-Apr-12, all oxygen concentration measurements have been compensated for salinity and temperature.
  4. Each Time value is common to all measurements in its row.   As indicated, times are given in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), not local (PDT/PST) time.
  5. Missing measurements are indicated by blank data cells NOT substitute values.
  6. Meteorological measurements are available from BS1 only.
  7. The geographic coordinates of the water quality measurements for each station are indicated on the Water Quality Station Map unless otherwise noted in a column's header row.   At present, measurement locations differ only for the current velocity data from BM1.
  8. Latitude and longitude coordinates (given in decimal degrees) are projected using the WGS84 datum.
  9. All depths and elevations are relative to Mean Low Low Water (MLLW).
  10. Current velocities are given as U (east-west), V (north-south) and, where available, W (up-down) vector components.  These directions are cardinal compass directions, with W (up-down) corrected for pitch and roll.
  11. As of 2011-Oct-01, BM1 ADCP data include temperature, pitch, roll and heading as measured by the ADCP unit.
  12. As of 2012-Jan-17, BS1 began measuring only meteorological parameters.   The water quality sensors will be restored to operational status as soon as practical.